Southampton Central Baths


Today’s classic is a Harvey Burton Viewcard

Interesting frontage or Boring Building?

A Bus in Stevenage


Yep, a bus in Stevenage by London Country Post Cards

It is, because you’re desperate to know, a Pre-production prototype Leyland National LN1 no less

High Street Moffat


From the West Side – pretty or bleak, what’s your opinion?

a boring postcard or not?

A ‘Hail Caledonia’ Card


The Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh


Seemed reasonably appropriate to post this on election day

Modern architecture always divides opinion. This was sent to me by a friend who thought it boring – I tend to agree but what do you think?

A Lyrical Scotland car by Allan Wright

Luton University



Luton University  - photograph by Gordon Flanagan.

If you want to buy an original – and why wouldn’t you – it is exclusive to the Luton tourist information office.




Two different views of the Dreischeiben-Hochhaus – same soporific result.

The Dam and Fish Ladder, Pitlochry


A fish may not need a bicycle but it does need a ladder.

Published by Valentine and Sons Dundee and London



Always nice to get a submission from a reader and a big thanks to Zef Cherry-Kynaston who has really nailed the theme with this card.

Tough, also to get a boring postcard from a place such as Brighton so I’m doubly pleased to include this. Thanks Zef – if you have a card you’d like to see, please send me a scan at


The Buttercross, Bungay


We stay in Suffolk for this one and it’s a perfect example of how bad composition can ruin a card. Just shift the focus away from the Eastern Electricity Building and take it slightly to the left and this could have been very pleasant.

Suffolk College


Where does this rank in terms of the other cards on this site?

It’s probably no better – or worse depending on your point of view – than most but it is notable in the sense that this was the last time I was able to buy a new card from a newsagent that I felt remotely fitted the ‘boring’ category.

An early 2000′s purchase, there are a few from Ipswich which I’ll share in further updates.