Always nice to get a submission from a reader and a big thanks to Zef Cherry-Kynaston who has really nailed the theme with this card.

Tough, also to get a boring postcard from a place such as Brighton so I’m doubly pleased to include this. Thanks Zef – if you have a card you’d like to see, please send me a scan at


The Buttercross, Bungay


We stay in Suffolk for this one and it’s a perfect example of how bad composition can ruin a card. Just shift the focus away from the Eastern Electricity Building and take it slightly to the left and this could have been very pleasant.

Suffolk College


Where does this rank in terms of the other cards on this site?

It’s probably no better – or worse depending on your point of view – than most but it is notable in the sense that this was the last time I was able to buy a new card from a newsagent that I felt remotely fitted the ‘boring’ category.

An early 2000′s purchase, there are a few from Ipswich which I’ll share in further updates.



Hatfield Town Centre

Clearly if you’re going to take a photo of the town centre, the best time to do it is when there is no-one around, thereby adding to the sense of desolation.


Postcards from across the web

We were delighted to be showcased by an external article which lists 19 dull postcards from across the UK. Of those 19, 5 were provided by ourselves and linked back so a huge thanks to the author for including some of our offerings.

Anyway, here is that link

Some great options in there – our particular favourite is Redditch Town Centre with Traffic Interchange – sincerely jealous of whoever owns this one!




Russian Coastline

Have no idea where exactly this is – other than the fact that it’s in Russia – any theories would be welcomed.

Saxon Motor Inn Northampton


Lyttleton Road Tunnel New Zealand

New Zealand has to be one of the most beautiful countries on Earth but when I visited in 1997 there was a surprisingly high number of Boring Postcards to be found.

University of Birmingham

Quality boring postcard – must be 1960′s or early 1970′s looking at the cars

The RTL Building Luxembourg

Another card that surprised the locals by the very fact that someone had bothered to produce it in the first place